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Coaching: Who Needs It?

by Judith E. N. Albino, Ph.D.

Dr. Judith Albino

Who needs it? Everyone could benefit from a professional coach at some point in his or her career. A professional coach can help you to:

• Assess your prospects for career growth and development

• Provide support in negotiating a new role or position

• Prepare yourself to compete on the job market

• Effectively manage a crisis in your current position

• Get off to a great start in a new position

• Understand, weigh, and test your options at turning points in your career

• Continue to develop as a professional, an academic, and a leader

• Sharpen your skills at developing (and coaching) those who report to you

And how could a coach do all of those things? AAL professional coaches are trained to identify strengths, to draw out of our clients the best that they have to offer, to learn how to develop new skills, and to provide expert advice when needed. However, talented we are, it is always challenging to see ourselves as others see us. It is equally challenging in times of crisis, pressure or competition to make good choices about what is best for an organization and also what is best for us as individuals. Coaches don’t provide answers, but they do provide an objective and knowledgeable sounding board for testing our ideas, for understanding how we can best manage a given situation, and for setting priorities within complex and pressure-filled environments. Put simply, they help us to identify and to act on what is most important, and to do so in the most effective way — in order to maximize our success.

Imagine yourself taking on a new role with greater responsibility, in a complex work environment that includes a healthy share of discontent among those who report to you. That scenario would make most of us more than a little bit anxious. Now imagine that you have a respected colleague, someone who has been where you are now or in a comparable position. That colleague also is a professional coach who is available to meet with you regularly to talk through the challenges you are facing, and to provide consultation on your decision-making, even on the presentations you will make. If you can imagine that, you can imagine what it would mean for your anxiety level — as well as for your success. And that is what it means to work with a professional coach.

Now imagine yourself as a candidate for a high-level position in your field. If you have a coach, you have someone to consult with before every interview, to review your application materials and other documents, and even to advise you in negotiations – and you will need to negotiate since well coached candidates have a major advantage in the job market.

If you would like to learn more about coaching, or just want to discuss your current situation to determine whether coaching could be helpful for you, please contact AAL.

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Dr. Tandra Atkins

NYU Lutheran Medical Center

"The AAL team has enhanced my knowledge and decision making tools, objective analysis, and creativity in a radically changing health care environment."